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Courageously Me

Daily Prompt – Cowardice

Courageous Nonconformist

I’m not one who likes to attract attention

I am the mind, the talent behind the action

But I refuse to conform, and that begets attention

Oh boy . . . Attention

I prefer to be me, uniquely so without the praise

But, in a society where so many conform

Trying to follow the mainstream

I’m that outlier that stands out

The bright yellow pea in a green pod

The yellow rose amid floral red

I’m proudly different

Daringly brave and making my own waves

I’m courageously me.


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6 thoughts on “Courageously Me”

  1. I think we learn to be uncomfortable in our skin. We are taught that we are not adequate. It gets drilled into our brains until we believe it to be true. We must go back to who we were before, as they say, the world told us who we weren’t.
    So much said with so few words!


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