Daily Prompt

Thoughts Adrift


A frenzy of words descend

Inexhaustibly streaming

Torrents, rivulets, dripples, a drop

A trickling faucet tapped wordless

Setting my mind adrift to places other than this

Unmoored, untethered from tidings

Waves lapping at memories

Drifting on watercolor dreams

A yachter catapulted

To distant shores of amour

A sigh, a breath, a fluttering sail

Blue waters rebooting dry synapses

A tidal wave of words

Blitzes mind’s shore again



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Books by E. Denise Billups 22

Art By: Paul Hedley

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19 thoughts on “Thoughts Adrift”

    1. I read Ocean of Time. I see the similarity. My poem was a reference to writer’s block. I’m writing my third novel and at the time I wrote Thoughts Adrift I was in the midst of writer’s block. Looking forward to reading more of your work. πŸ™‚

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