Carefree girl on swing

Tethered to desk and steel quill, toes rapping, fingers tapping

an ever so slight facial mapping explodes epiphany

quelling deep deliberation, impelling ink on paper

 a discordance of metal savages tranquility

eliciting colorful ephemeral memories of bangles

 jangling on a breeze, swatting bees

plucking leaves, climbing trees

carefree days with not a worry

running, skipping through the trees, grass-stained knees

lips glossed nature’s nectar

she sighs  while tethered to less breezy moments

a girl sprightly as the leaves

without a care

an image of an insouciant self



Copyright 2017 by E. Denise Billups

Art: Courtesy of Shawna Erback

19 Thoughts

      1. Wow, how interesting! It’s truly amazing the way that a piece of our memories associated with particular emotions could easily be transferred through these magical words …


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