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Villainous Minds: A Psychological Horror Anthology

Title: Villainous Minds: A Psychological Horror Anthology

Author(s): Joan Wiley, A. J. Sharp, and Sinda Kane

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Horror

Publisher: Tale Twister Books, LLC (August 21, 2019)

Villainous Minds: A Psychological Horror Anthology by [Wiley, Joan, Sharp, A.J., Kane, Sinda]

Loftus Hall Goodreads Summary

Villainous Minds is an anthology of thirteen twisted, psychological horror, short stories and short dark evocative poems from three new authors: Joan Wiley, Sinda Kane, and A.J. Sharp.

Plunge into a collection of thirteen thrilling short stories and evocative poems that will mess with your head and keep you turning the pages!

When the mind and soul are at odds, a monster of madness stirs in the deepest caverns. As the final threads of sanity snap, the monster is unleashed with a voracious appetite satisfied only by the false comfort offered by the depravity of evil.

Tales of demons, killers, and the supernatural will send you spiraling through twisted minds where the battles of good and evil will keep you gasping and guessing until the final breath.

Short Stories:

Soul Condition: Death changes the soul in ways the living cannot understand. After Vee miraculously survives a fatal shooting, she realizes she is no longer the woman she once was. When her past catches up with her, she is forced to fight for her life once again. Can she do what is necessary to survive?

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The Break Up: Mary is locked into a dangerous relationship with a brutal psychopath. Can she regain her inner strength and secret power in order to survive?Image result for gif of psychopathic old woman

Sticks and Stones: Will and Debbie go on their first camping trip. Can they put the spark back into their relationship or are there more sinister intentions at play?

Image result for Gifs of couple on dangerous hike

Ash: Lisa copes with the consequences of the wicked deeds and broken promises tormenting her life and those closest to her. Can she save herself and the ones she loves from the dark forces threatening to destroy them?

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Dukha’s Gifts: Jonara and a demon named Dukha match wits in a battle for destruction and survival. Who will win this deadly game?

Image result for gif of psychopathic old woman

The Cat’s Meow: C.B. attempts to break away from the horrific experiences of his youth and secure a new life. Can he convince Ma to abandon her twisted pursuits?

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Loftus Hall My REviewFive Star Review

Villainous Minds: A Psychological Horror Anthology is the first book I’ve read by Joan Wiley, Sinda Kane, and A.J. Sharp. This anthology would have been a perfect Halloween read, but I discovered it a day too late. My mind is still roiling from the evil that exists behind the devilish cover.  Yes, as the book’s tagline states, “The mind is a monster we cannot escape.”  And the monsters within these stories are everyday people living ordinary lives with demented minds, executing wicked, monstrous acts. Appearances are deceptive but there’s pure wickedness in their hearts and minds.

In the sinister depths of a villainous mind, Cheap truths coax with sugary lies.

The running theme is good and evil, where darkness always prevails.

“Humans are the creators of their own suffering. Your wars, hate, oppression, abuse, and drugs. The misery is endless . . . Even when you love there is suffering.”

I enjoyed the dark poems that preceded and augured each well-written, short story. Just when you believe you can’t be horrified by human evil, these short stories will affect fear, outrage, and shock, especially with the elderly woman in The Cat’s Meow who takes in stray cats. Surely, it’s out of the goodness of her heart? In Sticks and Stones, when a couple goes on a camping trip, that affectionate look in his eye must be love, or is it something wicked?  In The Break Up, Mary is in an abusive relationship. As a Psychiatrist, certainly, she’s sane enough to end the relationship?

I was engrossed page-to-page as each story grew more sinister and the conclusions more horrific. Ms. Wiley, Kane, and Sharp thank you for the dark, engrossing read.  Can’t wait to see what you’ll concoct in the next anthology.

Loftus Hall Author's Bio

Joan Wiley

Joan Wiley is an American fiction writer living in Utah. She has been writing short stories and novels her entire adult life and feels the most inspired in the genres of psychological horror and sci-fi/fantasy.

Joan is a life long world traveler, an artist, tattoo lover, target shooter, dog ear kisser, motorcycle co-pilot, and all-around sci-fi addict. Expect to see more from Joan in the near future.

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