Novels by E. Denise Billups


By Chance

Supernatural Thriller

Visions of the past and present are haunting and enlightening, but future premonitions can be frightening. Especially knowing how you will meet your demise. On the morning of December 15, 2014, when Tara McPherson steps onto her office piazza, destiny stares her in the face when her eyes lock with those of a stranger lurking at the gate. An 187-year-old vision commences.

Tara McPherson was seven when she experienced her first premonition. The vision was so sinister she repressed her gift of clairvoyance. Thirty years later, December 15, 2014, malevolent Tom Spencer enters her life determined to exact vengeance against Alcott Home and Design’s Dream Team—Tara McPherson, Laura Alcott, and Leanne Davis. To save their lives, Tara must relinquish fear and recall the premonition.

Guarded and levelheaded, Leanne Davis is retrocognitive and sees essences of people’s past. Charming, empathetic, and the consummate Southern belle, Laura Alcott is clairsentient and knows what people are about to say before they speak. Compassionate and scrupulous, Tara McPherson is precognitive and can see the future.

On Christmas morning when they open a mysterious silver gift, their secure world collapses. Never have the girl’s combined gifts—past, present, and future—been more critical than now. With the help of a supernatural presence from 18th century Charleston, South Carolina, and their combined powers, the girls race to stay ahead of their assailant. But they can’t change the design of Tara’s vision. Doing so will cause greater consequences. The girl’s only choice is to accept fate or pay the price of altering destiny.

Chasing Victoria

Chasing Victoria Cover With Transverse Authors Name 24 8-4-2015
Suspense, Thriller




At one o’clock in the morning, Victoria Powell wakes to a distressing phone call from her best friend Kayla, beseeching her to meet in the park. Wrapped in the arms of a new lover, Victoria reluctantly leaves her bed, heads to Central Park, only to find Kayla missing. Nothing can prepare Victoria for what she’s about to experience—the gruesome murder of her best friend and her near escape from death.

A month earlier, unethical events begin to unfold at the prominent hedge fund, Wheaton Asset Management. A misplaced file, containing incriminating evidence, mysteriously disappears. In her quest to find the file, Kayla not only uncovers corrupt activity at the prominent hedge fund but also stumbles on a secret, which threatens to change Victoria’s life and end her own.

Stunned by Kayla’s senseless murder and unfolding-family secrets, Victoria flees the city to Martha’s Vineyard; putting distance between herself and the danger at Wheaton. Lost in her deceased mother’s diaries; she’s unaware of looming danger outside the walls of her safe haven. Danger has followed her to the island.

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