Daily Prompt- Burn



A passionate flame flickers inside me, inspiring me to be, to do, to achieve. There’s no time to waste, and with haste, I configure pieces of my life into a continuum of time, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years. I kindle the flames with knowledge and love until that imminent hour my flame burns no more.





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16 thoughts on “Burn”

      1. I really identify with the blunt side of words, yet love flowery description without becoming lost. I feel this post was right in the middle, so thank you. I use to be a fitness enthusiast too, and it really is an overlooked factor I feel.


    1. Thank you. I have been researching the art and am finally making my work public. That is the reason. I appreciate your comments as an author, welcoming many more. Your running post is awesome, btw. Nothing better than early morning run followed by black coffee.


      1. Getting up to go for a trail run now! Part of the five miles hugs a river and the rest over looks with bluffs, cool huh?
        Favorite kind of coffee? 😊


      2. Hi Mickey I’ve been drinking an organic blend by Equal Exchange lately. I don’t have a favorite. Stopped drinking Starbucks. Too strong. Enjoy your run! Bluffs sound wonderful. I ran along the beach in Martha’s Vineyard this morning. Visiting friends for the holiday.

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      3. Thanks D! I have a microbrew from a local company here in St. Louis. I like it black. Wow, Martha’s Vineyard? That sounds amazing!
        Hey, shoot me an e-mail if you like. I think I put mine down when I commented on your page? (Newbie issues, lol)


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