Novels by E. Denise Billups



ComingSoon- Kalorama Road

A Book Cover - Kalorama Road O For Rose 12-21-2017 scaledA year after graduating from Emsworth University, a mysterious email appears asking Allie one single question. What happened at 1414 Kalorama Road? Allie has no memory of that night and has tried to recapture what happened when a classmate went missing at an off-campus party. Someone wants her to remember, and they’re getting closer and more insistent. Forgotten memories gradually start to surface with gruesome images and a  revelation that could ruin the reputation of her esteemed alma mater, Emsworth University.



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Book Cover for Rebound 6-26-2017
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Rebound is a supernatural short story of three individuals  – Zoey, Carole, and Michael whose lives intersect in a hauntingly, surprising way, rebounding in a circular tale of mystical retribution.  Zoey, newly single and on the rebound, advertised for a roommate and ten minutes later, Carole, a beautiful woman with a haunting secret, shows up at her door. Carole moves in the next day and a fated bond is established. Looking to date again, Zoey meets Michael a man with a sinister past.  Mesmerized by his charm, Zoey’s under Michael’s spell.  The affair advances quickly and passionately, but Carole’s the only one who knows Michael’s wicked plan. 


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Book Cover for The Playground 5-29-2017
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The Playground is a supernatural short story of a woman struggling for survival after the death of her husband. She leaves her hometown to make a fresh start for her family and stumble upon Willows Grove, a town with an evil past and steeped in folklore. Unable to find work, she and her daughters take shelter in an old church, and adjacent playground believed haunted by townspeople where they meet an inescapable horror. Seventeen years later, Jillian and a group of friends head out to the playground aiming to disprove townspeople superstitious beliefs. But what they find may challenge everything they’ve ever believed.

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By Chance is a supernatural thriller of three clairvoyant women with the gift of past, present, and future. Laura can hear a person’s thoughts. Leanne sees the past, and Tara knows the future. Leanne’s past visions are haunting, but Tara’s premonitions are frightening, especially knowing the day and time the three will meet their demise. On the morning of December fifteenth, Tara steps onto her office terrace, and the moment her eyes lock with a lurking stranger, an 187-year-old vision commences. Tara was seven when she saw her first premonition, a vision so sinister, she repressed her gift. Now, thirty years later, malevolent Tom Spencer enters their lives determined to exact vengeance. To survive and protect her friend’s lives, Tara must overcome her fear and recall the repressed childhood vision.


Book 2 -Chasing Victoria 6-30-2015
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Chasing Victoria is a suspense novel of a young woman whose life starts to unravel when hidden secrets surface. When Victoria wakes at one o’clock in the morning to a distressing call from her best friend, she reluctantly leaves her lover’s arms and hurries to meet Kayla. Arriving at the park, she finds Kayla missing, but nothing can prepare her for what’s to come—the gruesome murder of her best friend and a near escape from death. A month earlier, Kayla unearthed a file with incriminating evidence against her employer, Wheaton Asset Management, a prominent hedge fund. The file mysteriously disappears and in a relentless search to find it, Kayla not only discovers Wheaton’s corrupt activity but also a secret which threatens both her and Victoria’s lives.





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