Novels and Short Stories by E. Denise Billups

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

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Book Cover for Rebound 6-26-2017
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Zoey, newly single and on the rebound, advertised for a roommate and ten minutes later, Carole, a woman with a haunting secret, enters her life mysteriously. Zoey meets Michael, a man with a sinister past, and three lives intersect in a hauntingly interesting way, rebounding in a circular tale of mystical retribution.


Book Cover for The Playground 5-29-2017
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A woman struggling for survival after the death of her husband leaves her hometown to make a fresh start for her family and stumble upon Willows Grove, a town with an evil past and steeped in folklore. Unable to find work, she and her daughter take shelter in an old church, and adjacent playground believed haunted by townspeople and meet an inescapable horror. Seventeen years later, Jillian and a group of friends head out to the playground aiming to disprove townspeople superstitious beliefs.  But what they find may challenge everything they’ve ever believed.
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Visions of the past are haunting, but future premonitions are frightening. Especially knowing the day and time of your death. When Tara McPherson enters her office Piazza the morning of December fifteenth, destiny stares her in the face. An 187-year-old vision begins the moment her eyes lock with a lurking stranger. Tara McPherson was seven when she saw her first premonition. A vision so sinister, she repressed her clairvoyance. Thirty years later, malevolent Tom Spencer enters her life determined to exact vengeance against Alcott Home and Design’s Dream Team—Tara McPherson, Laura Alcott, and Leanne Davis. To save their lives, Tara must overcome her fear and recall repressed visions.


Book 2 -Chasing Victoria 6-30-2015
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Victoria wakes at one o’clock in the morning to a distressing call from her best friend. Reluctantly, she leaves her lover’s arms and hurries to meet Kayla. Arriving at the park, she finds Kayla missing. But nothing can prepare her for what’s to come—the gruesome murder of her best friend and a near escape from death. A month earlier, unethical events began to unfold at Victoria’s company, Wheaton Asset Management. A file containing incriminating evidence mysteriously disappeared. In her search to unearth the file, Kayla not only discovers corrupt activity at the prominent hedge fund but also stumbles on a secret which threatens both her and Victoria’s lives.

Coming Soon – A Blog Affair
Book 3 -A Blog Affair 1-31-2017


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