By Chance

By Chance Is A Supernatural Thriller Novel

Visions of the past are haunting, but future premonitions are frightening. Especially knowing the day and time of your death. When Tara McPherson enters her office Piazza the morning of December fifteenth, destiny stares her in the face. A 187-year-old vision begins the moment her eyes lock with a lurking stranger. Tara McPherson was seven when she saw her first premonition. A vision so sinister, she repressed her clairvoyance.

Thirty years later, malevolent Tom Spencer enters her life determined to exact vengeance against Alcott Home and Design’s Dream Team—Tara McPherson, Laura Alcott, and Leanne Davis. To save their lives, Tara must overcome her fear and recall repressed visions. Guarded and levelheaded, Leanne Davis is Retrocognitive and sees essences of people’s past. Charming, empathetic, and the consummate Southern belle, Laura Alcott is Clairsentient and knows people’s thoughts before they speak. Compassionate and scrupulous, Tara McPherson is Precognitive and can see the future.

On Christmas morning when they open a mysterious gift, their secure world collapses. Never have the girl’s combined gifts been more critical than now. With the help of a supernatural presence from eighteenth-century South Carolina, they combined their powers to outwit their assailant. But they can’t change Tara’s vision. Doing so will cause greater consequences. The girl’s only choice is to accept fate or risk altering destiny.


Tara notices the man’s startled expression as he turns and quickly walks away from the gate. “Hmmm . . . Odd,” she mumbled. Stilling chills presage something malevolent. The last time she had chills like this was on the night of Daniel Alcott’s death. Hours before the accident, she felt something horrible was about to happen, sending chills through her body. And seconds before the fatal accident, a formidable chill ran down her spine.

All women on her mother’s side of the family possess the gift of foresight. But she’s reluctant to call it a gift when it feels like a curse. Tara’s insight has always caused her unease, and she seldom shares her forebodings. Knowing something bad is to happen, but not knowing how, when, or where is frustrating. The dilemma is to alert someone and risk ridicule, or keep silent and endure guilt if they’re harmed. A double-edged sword Tara has yet to reconcile.

Again, glancing at the front gate, she wonders why the man walked away so quickly.  Maybe it’s nothing. But in her mind, an alarm sounds. If I’d only warned Laura that fatal day, maybe Daniel would still be alive. Is my intuition trying to warn me again?

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