Chasing Victoria

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Chasing Victoria Is A Thriller/Suspense Novel

At one o’clock in the morning, Victoria Powell wakes to a distressing phone call from her friend Kayla, beseeching her to meet in the park. Wrapped in the arms of a new lover, Victoria reluctantly leaves her bed, heads to Central Park, only to find Kayla missing. Nothing can prepare Victoria for what she’s about to experience—the gruesome murder of her best friend and her near escape from death.

A month earlier, a file containing incriminating evidence mysteriously disappears. In her quest to find it, Kayla stumbles on unethical activity at the prominent hedge fund, Wheaton Asset Management. A greater secret discovered, threatens her life and sends her best friend, Victoria, running and hiding from danger in a safe haven.

Arriving in Martha’s Vineyard during a nor’easter, Victoria waits out the storm in seclusion and delves into her deceased mother’s diaries; uncovering a thirty-year secret. Lost in her mother’s world; Victoria is unaware of looming danger outside her safe haven. Danger has followed her to the island.

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