The Five Bodies -Koshas

Layers: Daily Prompt


I am flesh and blood, matter; a body that needs air and food to live.

I am conscious energy—thoughts shaped by my surroundings.

I am awareness guided by sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch through this world.

I am knowledge, pure intellect and ego carving my own path with a moral compass that feeds a higher energy, my spirit.

Five Psychic Sheaths(Koshas) Surrounds Our Body (Chitta).

The human form consists of  five layers (sheaths) some not so obvious to the naked eye. We’re aware of our physical body, but the other sheaths are pure energy. The inner sheaths are the basis of our well-being. It guides us, helps us navigate through life.

  1. Bliss Sheath – the thinnest sheath between awareness and our higher self – spirit.
  2. Knowledge (Ego, Intellect) Sheath – Consciousness and will. It allows us to direct our own lives and make moral decisions.
  3. Mental Sheath – Tool of consciousness that allows us to perceive the world and process incoming information through our five senses.
  4. Vital Air Sheath – Prana, moving force supplies energy to the whole system. It is a life force of every cell.
  5. Matter (Food)Sheath – Made up of food and physical matter. The body, the nervous system, our organs work in unison with the brain.





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