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Beliefs and Values


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“A value is a measure of the worth or importance a person attaches to something; our values are often reflected in the way we live our lives… An attitude is the way a person expresses or applies their beliefs and values, and is expressed through words and behavior.”

Your personal beliefs and values are shaped by family, friends, school, church, your community, and influence how we view the world around us. Beliefs develop from learned cultural and environmental experiences. Values are shaped by our beliefs and are the principles that guide our judgments and how we live our lives. We have a number of values systems regarding, marriage, religion, race, sex, drugs, and the list goes on. And we try to use our best judgment by weighing the pros and cons of a particular situation.

In recent years, arguments have revolved around the legalization of Cannabis. Do the pros of legalizing marijuana outweigh the cons? Is there any harm to society in legalizing this drug? How does your belief and value system influence your decision about this societal dilemma?

Check out my fellow columnists’ opinions on this controversial topic on Conscious Talk Magazine.

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12 thoughts on “Beliefs and Values”

  1. This is a topic I myself have wavered on back and forth so many times over my life. I used to be highly against it, but over time have become more and more open to it. My biggest concern is still around regulations regarding usage and operating vehicles. Having used before, I know how impaired I am, however unlike alcohol, there isn’t a quick way to provide a breathalyzer to determine how impaired one actually is. At a minimum, I believe decriminalization is a must. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Definitely a relevant topic. I currently live in a major cannabis-producing region, so I’ve seen both the good and the bad of it. Right now some of the grow operations are having severely negative environmental impacts, bit others are run by people who are socially and environmentally responsible. So it seems to be a mixed bag, at least as far as production is concerned. Marijuana was just legalized in California though, so there might be changes on the horizon.

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    1. It’s a double-edged sword for sure. On the one hand, it’s beneficial for so many in need, but on the other hand, regulation of production and consumption may prove difficult. I’d love to see how well this works in California. Hopefully, it’s successful.

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      1. I hope legalization will be successful too, but like you said it’ll be incredibly difficult to effectively regulate cannabis production. Perhaps more widespread legalization would help, by increasing the supply of marijuana enough to drive down the price. After all, recreational users could hypothetically grow much of the cannabis they need at home.

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