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I’ve been away, but not gone entirely, thoroughly engrossed in my characters, it was an effort that required any extra time I had left in a busy, chaotic life. Finally, I’m done with my third novel, Kalorama Road, titled initially, A Blog Affair. Much like marathon training I’d done over the years, the novel required effort, dedication, and diligence until I reached the finish line. And much as I feel after preparing and running a race, I’m happy it’s over, but wishing for more.

Excerpt from Kalorama Road

I’m not afraid to die. I’ve always believed I would die young. But not this soon, not here, not tonight, and not by those hands. Surrounded by tattered, aromatic petals, a dark silhouette watches my naked, bleeding flesh. I tilt my head, an eternally engraved image, a tormenting ghost—an inescapable, haunting memory. Sweet, soft, rose petals, a lifelong obsession. How Ironic. Maybe what we cherish is near at death, some sign of mortality, some hint of what we become . . . A cold breeze scented with roses, an invisible trail across dark soil, awaiting discovery. Finally, he’s here . . .

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21 thoughts on “Finally!”

      1. I’m pleased to see you return. 🙂 Thank you so much! I’m planning on releasing a short story collection very soon. I’m also working on a novel (that I plan on being a series), that follows on from my released novella. Aside from that, always working on short stories and just started a YouTube channel. How about you?

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  1. Oh, it’s so great to see you return here, especially with your novel too, and the excerpt sounds thrilling 😀 Wish you enjoy the best time ever in this New Year, and I really look forward to your sharing in the future 🙂

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