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Book Review: Michael Thunder: The Thunder Trials by J. Arthur Reliford

Michael Thunder

Genre: Fiction, SciFi, Fantasy, Myths and Legends, Norse and Viking

Published: March 31, 2018

Kindle Edition: 192Pages

Goodreads Synopsis:

What if I told you that Gods are real? Would you believe me if I told you they’ve walked among us hidden in the shadows for thousands of years? Waiting to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. 

This is the story of young boy named Michael. He shows up on the doorsteps of what seems to be an ordinary orphanage. Prophecy had foretold of his arrival. He soon finds himself with a great burden to bear; a chance to save the world or someone dear to his heart. He just wants to be a normal kid but the Gods have other plans for him. 

After all, being the descendant of a God, you inherit their responsibilities, and Michael just happens to be the descendant of one of the most powerful Gods of all.

My Review

Mortals and immortal Gods, secret realms, and portals where time doesn’t exist and only gods can travel. Mr. Reliford took Norse Mythology to another level, or realm I might say, filled with the sons and daughters of powerful immortal Gods.

In the first chapter, we meet Michael, who appears like a normal child as he wanders into an orphanage. As the story unravels, the reader finds neither Michael nor the orphanage ordinary, but extraordinary and mysterious. There’s a haze in the air, a fog clouding character’s perceptions, everyone seems dazed, spellbound, and unaware of people and surroundings. Have they met before? Have they been here before?

“Michael, I don’t know what to think really,” replied V. “All I know is that we are meant to be here in this place for a reason, and that reason is bigger than both of us.” 

Many unanswered questions they seek to discover clarify through many encounters with child gods and ventures through dangerous portals into worlds they don’t belong. As the story continues, haze fades as the two main characters, Michael and V, meet other mortal gods.

I was particularly intrigued by the orphanage, a maze filled with secret doors leading to mysterious rooms and other realms. As Michael and his sidekicks venture hidden passages they gradually uncover the truth—secrets the immortal gods withheld from them for a darn good reason. Soon everyone realizes Michael’s importance as son of the thunder god. A war is coming and Michael’s role decides each of their fates.

Mr. Reliford’s knowledge of Norse mythology is impressive. He enlightens the reader about numerous Gods and Goddesses such as Thor, Odin, Titus, Poseidon and so many more. He cleverly creates a story for young adults with a different take—children gods. Mr. Reliford’s twist on Ragnarok, a Norse Mythology that foretold a series of events and a great war, leading to the rebirth of immortal worlds and deaths of major Gods, is done superbly. The story has twist and loops unpredictable as the timeless sphere it evokes. I’m making a big assumption here, but I believe the orphanage Mr. Reliford created is the Urnes Stave Church of the 12th century. This church, filled with portals and iconography of snakes and dragons guarding portals, is similar to ones Michael and V encounter during their travels. If so, it’s written brilliantly!

If you’re a lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and particularly Norse Mythology, you’re going to love Michael Thunder: The Thunder Trials. Mr. Reliford, hurry up with the second series, please!

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J. Arthur Reliford



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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Michael Thunder: The Thunder Trials by J. Arthur Reliford”

  1. This sounds AMAZING! I don’t know what it was about it, but it almost sounded like “American Gods” meets “Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”. (maybe I’m wrong) but, it’s going on the list regardless! Great review! 💖💖🍻


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