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Book Review: Escape Into The Blue by Bibiana Krall

Escape Into The Blue

Title: Escape Into The Blue

Author: Bibiana Krall

Genre: Fiction, Suspense/Thriller, Action/Adventure

Publisher: Team Titan BooksTM, May 20, 2015

Kindle Pages: 235 Pages

Goodreads Synopsis

What would you risk to chase your true destiny? Hauntingly beautiful, Sophia is a survivor. After a tragic accident that changes the course of her life, she is struggling to find her way. When Sophia stumbles across a picture of a Caribbean beach in a magazine, she convinces herself that this is the answer to all her problems… Secret desires, personal devastation, and obsession torment her dreams. When she meets a mysterious and worldly businessman, everything starts coming together. Slipping across invisible social lines, she ultimately becomes one of them. Her inexperience leads her away from what she came for because nothing is as it seems. Trapped in a spider web, she sinks deeper into Pedro’s world. Then one fateful night, she meets a free-spirited photographer and everything changes again…Can Sophia ever find the peace she so desperately needs? Or will corruption and deceit destroy her, before she can discover the real truth for herself? Adventure meets grown-up fairy tale, filled with twists and turns you won’t soon forget. Prepare to experience the real Caribbean, where everything that glitters is not gold…

My Review

As I started Sophia’s Caribbean journey, I felt elated as I thought she was embarking on a tropical island adventure. However, when Sophia steps off the airplane, I realize this isn’t a typical vacation getaway, but her escape from a painful past, an adventure of self-discovery.

 “A particular speck on a map became the promised land… Serendipity would be found. Leaving her old life like an unwanted pair of shoes.”

Underneath Sophia’s youthful, golden blonde façade, lives a splintered soul seeking a meaningful reality of sandy, blue beaches to drown her sorrow, after a tragic accident ruined a promising career. Sophia’s anguish isn’t visible to the human eye, she hides it well, wielding lies like a shield to protect herself.

“Dissatisfaction creeps like a wild animal, wreaking absolute havoc. She wanted it all. That lust for life had vanished…Life had stolen it…The gravest mistake in only ever wanting one thing…the dream had been only a mirage.”

But Sophia is embarking on a dangerous journey. With no money, or place to sleep; she island-hops for gainful employment, winding up on the Isle of St. Demetria. To townspeople, Sophia is a mysterious beauty, and to men, a prize to be won. This archetypal Caribbean town, paved with the blood, sweat, and tears of poor locals, is the underbelly of crime. St. Demetria is a hotbed of carnal desires, swept with intoxicating sultry breezes, the air, redolent of sweet nectar. Icy, cool Cervezas, rum-laced mango drinks, sensual Merengue across local dance bars and a swim in eternity shaped pool at beautiful island homes, inspires nightlife.

“It is difficult to listen to our inner voice when we are blinded by the other things. Decadent parties, delicious wonderful parties, Sophia knew something was wrong with this life, these men. Ignoring things only postponed the inevitable.”

Corruption, deception, lust, love, and murder lives in the heart of St. Demetria’s men and they all want to own Sophia body, heart, and soul. But they will never have her. Herein lays the problem when Pedro, a powerful drug lord, lets her slip into his heart.

 “Sophia brought chaos, making him act like a lovesick boy. His choices muddled together creating a tension he could not risk.”

Armando, Pedro’s partner also has eyes for Sophia.

“He dreamed of Sophia…Stretched out like a cat…a brand new white bikini accentuating her tan athletic hips…She had the power to ruin it all.”

Now caught in a dangerous web; she must hide from the very men who coveted her. These men, this way of life isn’t what Sophia came searching for, but now dangerous circumstances force her to flee and find a new strength within.

“It finally dawns on her, geography cannot heal these wounds…Sophia finally                           understood.”

Escape into the Blue, told beautifully in the third person POV is crafted so descriptively, it titillates the senses. The story’s pacing is just right. Mrs. Krall pulls the reader into subplots with just enough information about subordinate characters to support the main plot. A fast-paced conclusion will leave readers on the edge of their seats, fearing for Sophia’s life. Mrs. Krall’s descriptive style of writing and character development is so detailed I felt I was inside Sophia’s head always. If you’re looking for suspense, thrills, action, and adventure, Escape Into the Blue is the right book for you. I highly recommend Mrs. Krall’s novel.

Author’s Bio

Bibiana Krall 1Bibiana Krall holds an MA in Fiction and an MFA in Creative Writing, both from Wilkes University CW.

She is a multi-genre writer looking to traditionally publish and become a hybrid. Bibiana is currently seeking a passionate literary agent, with a focus on historical and upmarket women’s fiction. 

As a five-year-old child, she envisioned a map of her life, as she sky-watched and dreamed of the cosmos. Little did she know that things don’t always go as planned. Yet in real life… there is no dress rehearsal. Words, dreams, and ideas running through her head one day became so loud, she picked up a pen and paper and hasn’t looked back since. 

Equality for all is incredibly important to talk about and continue to strive for. She is a free-thinker, a protector, and advocate of connecting to the natural world and a lifetime supporter of The Arts.

When she is not writing, editing or reading, Bibiana enjoys exploring undeveloped beaches, mountain biking, traveling internationally and meeting the locals. She collects native art, shoes, unusual jewelry, exotic spices and anything else that will fit in her carry-on. 

Engaging with other hard working writers is important. She uses her writing blog Indite to sound off about the challenges modern writers face, offering friendship, support and a chance to connect with fellow creatives

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Twitter: @Bibiana1Krall

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing that someone enjoyed one of my stories. So excited and happy! 🤩 This means a lot coming from a writer I truly admire.

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