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Book Review -Winter’s Captive by June V. Bourgo

june bourgo winter's captive

Title: Winter’s Captive: The Georgia Series

Author: June V. Bourgo

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Girls & Women, Spirituality,  Social & Family Issues

Publisher: Creativia Publishing (November 28, 2017)

Kindle Pages: 252 Pages

Goodreads Blurb

Recently separated from her cheating husband, pregnant Georgia leaves her home to spend a month with a childhood friend in Yukon. Little does she know that she is about to be kidnapped.

After Georgia escapes into the vast area of British Columbia only known as the Last Frontier, she is forced to endure the cold, harsh winter. The unrelenting conditions test not only the strength of her character but also her will to live.

But can she make the right choices to ensure her survival… and that of her unborn child?

My Review

Winter’s Captive is book one of the Georgia Series and the first book I’ve read by Ms. Bourgo. I love stories that throw flawed characters into dire circumstances, test their will for survival, and see them grow line by line, emerging stronger characters. Well, this is what Ms. Bourgo has done in Winter’s Captive.

Pregnant and amid a separation from her cheating husband, Georgia is about to face the biggest challenge of her life, one that will change her forever. Call it fate, or bad luck, but Georgia finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when kidnapped by criminals fleeing a bank robbery. Moments before, she’d had a pleasant revealing conversation over lunch with a friend. And minutes later, she’s a kidnap victim cowering in the backseat of a getaway car. Georgia knows if she doesn’t escape these men they will surely kill her. Finding the perfect moment, Georgia escapes her assailants into the heart of Yukon Territory. She races through a treacherous forest in the dead of winter surrounded by wildlife more dangers than the men she’s running from. Stumbling upon a cabin, Georgia finds a safe haven. Snowbound for several months, her will to survive is tested. With plenty of time on her hand, Georgia reflects on her past, her flaws, and her mistakes. She discovers a newfound strength she’d never had as she struggles to stay alive for her unborn child.

As I read the story, I felt as if I were trapped with Georgia, struggling mentally and physically through day-to-day challenges. The spiritual presence with Georgia on this journey to self-discovery added another enlightening dimension to the story, crafted well by Ms. Bourgo. As a reader, I believe Georgia’s journey is fate, a road to self-enlightenment with cosmic consequences—understanding and reconciling the past, leading her to a new and worthy love.

Winter’s Captive is a well-paced story told in the first person POV. For fear of giving the story away, I’ll just say this is a page-turner that will capture your interest and heart to the final word. The ending is what I was hoping for and other readers will as well. Thank you for the wonderful read, Ms. Bourgo! Now I must check out the series second and third installment.

June V. Bourgo’s Bio

june v. bourgo

June V. Bourgo was born and educated in Montreal, Quebec. She and her artist/writer husband, Dennis recently left the beautiful British Columbia interior ranch lands accompanied by their two cats; Marbles, a calico diva and Picasso, a subservient tabby to move to Vancouver Island. The island sits off the western coast of British Columbia and they look forward to enjoying the smell of the salt air and the cries of the seagulls. Between them, they have three adult children and nine grandchildren. June is looking forward to new adventures and a different view of nature to inspire her writing life.

Her writing began with magazine articles for a single-parenting magazine, and writing historical copy. Her love of novel writing grew from there. Her debut novel, Winter’s Captive, released October 2014, is inspired loosely by her survival and lessons learned from an abusive relationship. Chasing Georgia is Book 2 of the Georgia Series, continuing the journey of Georgia Charles will be released October 23, 2015. Currently, the author is working on A Missing Thread, Book 3 of this trilogy.

June writes full-time as a novelist. She has completed Winter’s Captive, Book 1 of the Georgia Series, and Chasing Georgia, Book 2 of the Georgia Series, soon to be published by Fountain Blue Publishing, and has started A Missing Thread, Book 3 of the Georgia Series.

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