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Happy New Year!

Hindsight 2020, let’s move forward into a brighter and happier year. For many, 2020 was a frightful year, a time of many uncertainties. But I hope it was a period of reflection and growth that’s taught us what matters and what needs to be done going forward. Though remnants of 2020 linger and we have more months to deal with the pandemic, it’s reassuring knowing measures are now in place to catapult us into a better light.

While life slowed to a halt during the pandemic, it was the perfect time to concentrate on writing. Some fruits of my labor are soon to be released, covers soon to be revealed, and some in the final editing stages. So, below is what I’ve accomplished in the strange months of 2020.

What I’ve Been Up To

New Book Release

My young adult, paranormal, sci-fi short story was released January 5, 2021, now available on 


Eighteen-year-old Justine wakes to her android digital companion, DANA, attuned to her breath, heartbeat, and every emotion 365 days of the year. The year is 2410, the age when technology runs every facet of human life. Convinced humans sacrificed their autonomy, Justine wishes to unplug from the digital world. When she learns of the off-the-grid community of Merrick, she believes these people have the right idea. But Merrick is an anomaly.

When Justine’s boss, Claudette Windsor, visits the sleepy hamlet to meet a promising artist, she goes missing. In her absence, strange things are happening at Windsor Art gallery. The anonymous artist’s ‘Life Before Digital’ art collection has an odd effect on visitors. Is something wrong with the paint?  Will DANA warn Justine before it’s too late?

Off The Grid Book Trailer

Book Trailer

Cover Reveal Coming Soon

Cover reveal for book one of my paranormal historical fiction trilogy Twilight Ends: Keepers Of The Gate (Book One) coming soon!  

Work In Progress

I’m in the final stages of completing Tainted Harvest, my Paranormal Historical Fiction Novella, to be released in 2021. Set in present day Brooklyn, New York and antebellum Mississippi. Simone Doucet, a Travel Writer, accepts an assignment in Natchez, Mississippi, a place her ancestors met an unspeakable end, shown to her by Delphine, a ghost who wants her to tell her story.

Happy New Year!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Well, you certainly have been busy! The trailer is intriguing for “Off The Grid”, and I will be anxious the see the cover of “Twilight Ends…”! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. You put 2020 to good use.

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