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Character Analysis

To write or work out? My writing and exercise compete daily, as I do both in the wee hours of the morning. And it’s especially tough when I wake up with new ideas and dive first into my WIP, Echoes of Ballard House. I have to pull myself away from the laptop because the longer I wait to exercise, the greater the chance I’ll put it off until the next day. Though exercise gets me through most days, those feel-good endorphins and creative juices flow, allowing for better writing sessions. Passionate about both, I feel guilty when I don’t get my daily fix. Well, I guess this gives you a little clue about my personality. I’m internally driven by goals I set every day.

Ok, that’s another post altogether. 😆

Character Analysis

Today I will quickly discuss character analysis. I’m at a point in my WIP where Simone, my main character, has to confront a challenge alone in a home with a gory history. Before advancing with the story, I need to reevaluate her disposition. Simone has progressed somewhat since book one but hasn’t attained full self-actualization. She’s perpetually second-guessing her choices. Will low confidence prevent her from meeting the present challenge? Can she confront the unknown by herself? What skills and attributes will help her face a new challenge?

  • Personality
  • Behavior
  • Traits
  • Motivators

To understand Simone better, I’ve created a chart of her strengths and weaknesses and areas of her character needing improvement. I keep this handy to develop Simone’s reactions and responses to other characters and the story’s main conflict – a conflict that’s both internal (personal struggles to overcome) and external (confronting the antagonists- unseen spiritual elements inside Ballard House, and another unknown threat).

Character traits and motivation play a crucial role in a character’s choices. What drives Simone? Are motivators external (monetary rewards, acknowledgment of others, fear) or intrinsic (internal drive)?

  • What drives characters to do what they do?
  • What is their greatest dream?
  • Their greatest fear? 

Conflict and Character’s Transformation

The protagonist and main character of the story, Simone, plays a crucial role in facing a paranormal and natural conflict inside Ballard House. How does this conflict transform her, a conflict that is both external and internal? Her decisions will guide the plot, determining her failure or the growth of her character.

There are other aspects of character analysis I didn’t mention, but the video below provides a summary.

Happy Writing!


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