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Extra Healing With Chai Tea

Photo: Courtesy of zesterdaily.com Monday is here again. I can feel the collective sigh of many as they start their workweek. Sometimes it takes that extra push to get going. Maybe your morning workout didn’t quite do it today. Perhaps the coffee is a little stale, and you’re dying for something new, something warm and soothing… Continue reading Extra Healing With Chai Tea

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Keep the Fire Burning: Red-Hot Metabolism

Photo: Courtesy of broscience.co Cayenne, the spice of life, can literally heal pain, boost your metabolism, and possibly prevent a heart attack. This curvaceous little red pepper has a slew of other amazing benefits. I love cayenne pepper so much that I add it to everything, even coffee for an extra punch.  I must confess,… Continue reading Keep the Fire Burning: Red-Hot Metabolism