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Daily Prompt – False

False Mask
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I see through that mask you wear. Your facade is starting to crack.
Oh, how I ache for you, knowing how you suffer to accommodate reality.
You hide your true self, but at what cost, what internal misery.
Come on; shed that mask molded by the environment.
Let me see the real you.
Stop playing the game; living a fake identity, fake ambitions to please others.
Unravel those layers you’ve amassed to satisfy society, parents, and friends.
Stop living other’s dreams. Live your true calling.
Do you even know the authentic you?
Come on; let me see what lies beneath that pretense:
 lucrative career, expensive clothes, and Rolex watch
adorned for others to admire.
Show me what your desires are made of.
You can’t hide long.
I’ve seen the other side you rarely show others.
I like that you better.
I know it’s scary. You feel vulnerable without your mask.
I promise I won’t be judgmental. I’ll support you all the way.
Come on. Don’t be afraid.
Let me see the real you.



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4 thoughts on “FALSE IDENTITY”

  1. Pretensions galore, irresistible materialism n opportunism are the stumbling block! The ‘ real us’ needs to be discovered.. the purpose of human life be understood…let the soul searching begin! Loved your post.Blessings


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