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Nature’s Canvas

Nature slings her brush across her canvas, creating a pink paradise every spring.  An excerpt from  A Blog Affair- A Suspense Novel by E. Denise Billups Winter finally released its chilly claws, springing sunny blue skies, and cherry blossoms haloing trees an angelic pink much too late in April. Rapt with spring fever, I decided… Continue reading Nature’s Canvas

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Two Spectacular Superfoods

There are a great number of superfoods, power foods, whole foods, whichever name you choose to use. These foods are named because of their nutrient-density and healing properties and should be a part of your daily diet. Today, I’ve chosen two of my favorite superfoods and smoothie recipes containing blueberries and kale. Blueberries: An Antioxidant… Continue reading Two Spectacular Superfoods