Daily Prompt

Heat Wave


Summer HEat SprinklersPhoto: Courtesy of www.theatlantic.com


Slowly, cautiously, sluggishly

Crawling under summer’s sun

Cruising city pavement

Heat rising beneath my feet

Dripping, melting

Wishing a cool breeze comes my way

A spritz of water

A sea breeze to cool my face

Slowly, cautiously, sluggishly

Sweat drips beneath my dress

Skin shimmering misty as a frosty glass

Oh, what I’d give for a tall tumbler

Icy cold, dripping in my hand

Slowly, cautiously, sluggishly

Sauntering freely and uncaring

Into a wall of wetness

Whirling blissfully

Rivulets gushing beneath my feet

Streams bathe me

Washing away the heat

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1 thought on “Heat Wave”

  1. Your beautiful eyes so clear,It looked like a little teddybear,So sweet and harmless,It would light up the darkness,Look in her unique eyes And you’ll see she’s very wise.. these were the line that strike my mind although I have just seen one pic of yours and when i saw your post the way u have pen down them is simply amzing i mean each and everything by u is so beautifully described … trust me the way u play with the words is simply amazing I mean so magical they are


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