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Never Elaborate But Sometimes Vague: Logline and Tagline

  In the midst of preparing my third novel’s synopsis, logline, and tagline, I researched other author’s book covers and came across numerous taglines that inspired a satisfactory completion of my own. With all the subplots, twists, and characters it took many drafts before I successfully summarized an 80,000-word novel into one sentence, and it… Continue reading Never Elaborate But Sometimes Vague: Logline and Tagline

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Authentic Book Reviews

At times, I’m hesitant to write a bad review, wondering if my judgment is flawed, especially if it's not my preferred genre. Surely someone else has a better opinion. But being genuine is better than false praise. As a writer, I’ve learned one of the greatest efforts an author can make is supporting fellow writers.… Continue reading Authentic Book Reviews

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Toward A Different Stream

          I meander a bit diverging, twisting, and flowing aimlessly dodging stagnant conventions dabbling in a little of this and that never a straight path enticed nor pondered sinuous cerebrum crevices like a waterfall, forever flowing I meander, a persistent crooked stream through motionless, manmade ponds escaping raging rivers and confusing channels toward… Continue reading Toward A Different Stream

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Last year was, above all else, an uncompromising creative effort to finish what I started. My mind, messy with factual and fictional images, either utilized or trashed, kept me in constant wonder. Immersed in the fabric of my plot, characters, dialogue, and information, I felt isolated—not my typical self, abandoning friends and family for fictional… Continue reading Downtime

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A Perfectionistic Mindset

Recently, I stumbled across the term Impostor Syndrome, or Fraud Syndrome, and was surprised by the number of successful writers who experience this phenomenon. Clinical psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes identified impostor syndrome in 1978, as feelings of fraud and self-doubt suffered mainly by high-achieving individuals. Despite their success, the person believes they don’t… Continue reading A Perfectionistic Mindset

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Coincidence or Mastery?

Have you ever seen an actor or a dancer get up on stage and perform without hours and hours of rehearsals? Has a painter ever created a masterpiece without mastering technical skills? Like any artist, a writer needs to practice, practice, and practice. I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to writing success. Like… Continue reading Coincidence or Mastery?

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Nature Pleading

You howled along the coast like an angry host accosting a frightened town with a category four more  critical than ever before catastrophic floods rose appose street rows and continued to rise devastating priceless lives transposing rivers on dry ground drenching opposed citizens fleeing treasured abodes lives shattered and unrecoverable but memorized as they fled… Continue reading Nature Pleading