Daily Prompt

Precipice of Danger


I went searching for inspiration

In dangerous places

Traversing fog-laced parks, dark alleys

Pulsing with bass music of dimly lit bars and shady characters

I wandered furtively

Hunting clandestine spaces and shadowy strangers

When inspiration smiled at me across the bar

Eyes lit with promise of lustful danger

Lips curled suggestively

Ignited my imagination

With racy images spilling across

Blank mental canvas

My antagonist came alive

A dark stranger I‘ve not envisioned

With mind’s eye

Scribbling every feature

Nuance in my memory

I smile nervously, not flirtatiously

Hoping my gaze is unmistakable

He approaches, palpable danger

Only steps away

The heroine flees, uncharacteristically 

In the opposite direction

Bravery saved for the pages of my story

I glance back at his crestfallen face

And before I cross the threshold from which I came

I cast a coy smile of appreciation

Lifting the curve of his lip

My alluring, mysterious muse

Response to Daily Prompt – Muse
Photo: Courtesy of Nico Nordström/Pinterest



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