Daily Prompt

The Luxury of Skin



Luxury . . . hmmm

Every day is a luxury of sorts

The glide of warm sheets beneath my feet

Shared knowing in a lover’s slumberous eyes

A lover’s whisper, warming to the core

The pulse of heart and breath intertwined

Before I’m released into one

Singular again

Heighten skin

I breathe

Every fiber of my being relishing life

Quiver and quake, stretch and yawn

In the morning sun

Savoring steamy, pulsating moisture

Of cleansing water

Inhaling sumptuous aromas

I salivate

Your taste upon my tongue

Nourished again, whole in that spot

I luxuriate in my flesh

Senses titillated

By an orgy of stimulants

Luxury . . . hmmm

My skin

In Response To Daily Prompt – Luxury

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest


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