I Forgot Crimson Soil

Red Soil

I forgot miles of crimson soil burning red in Alabama sun

I forgot the feel of earth velvety rich between my toes

I forgot the smell of dirt after a thunderstorm

steaming bread freshly baked

I forgot childish play in Alabama clay

 fingers glazed with mud pie batter

I forgot tranquil car rides on hidden backroads

imprints snaking inch-deep tunnels

I forgot the sound of rocks crunching beneath my feet

shiny gems sprinkling strawberry lanes

I forgot Alabama soil runs deep in my veins

I forgot the sun turns my hair and skin Indian red

I forgot how small sky and earth made me feel

 a speckle of dust, a grain of topography where I was born



Copyright 2017 by E. Denise Billups

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest


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  1. Beautiful words. I grew up in Panama City, FL. We used to consider ourselves part of “Southern Alabama & Georgia.” A truism: the farther south you travel in Florida, the farther north you get. 🙂

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    1. Hahaha! So true. I actually lived a small part of my childhood in Pensacola, Florida before moving to New York at the age of nine. My family is still there. So we were not too far from you in the Panhandle of Florida.

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      1. I think I read about Pensacola in John Grisham novel.

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      2. Yes, it’s a little naval town. Not much to do but go to the pristine white beaches. 🙂

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  2. Simon says:

    That’s amazing. I can close my eyes and imagine this place and the dirt between my toes!

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    1. I was nine when I left the south, so it’s all a distant memory to me. But those sensations are still in my mind. Thanks, Simon!


      1. Simon says:

        It’s amazing what sticks with you. Mind you it must have only been about 15 years ago for you 😉


      2. A little more than 15, but I think childhood memories are always with us. 🙂

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      3. Simon says:

        I think so too – we had less reason to forge them. lol
        How’s your day?


      4. Another gloriously busy day and I’m going to love every moment! Hope your short stories are going well! Carpe Diem!

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      5. Simon says:

        Enjoy your day then and I’ll be doing the best that I Can! 🙂

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  3. anne leueen says:

    sky and earth can me me feel small too. But it is a good smallness. Nice poem.

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    1. Anne, thank you! It’s amazing how open fields or any wide open spaces reveal how small we are in comparison to the universe. 🙂

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