I Forgot Crimson Soil

Red Soil

I forgot miles of crimson soil burning red in Alabama sun

I forgot the feel of earth velvety rich between my toes

I forgot the smell of dirt after a thunderstorm

steaming bread freshly baked

I forgot childish play in Alabama clay

 fingers glazed with mud pie batter

I forgot tranquil car rides on hidden backroads

imprints snaking inch-deep tunnels

I forgot the sound of rocks crunching beneath my feet

shiny gems sprinkling strawberry lanes

I forgot Alabama soil runs deep in my veins

I forgot the sun turns my hair and skin Indian red

I forgot how small sky and earth made me feel

 a speckle of dust, a grain of topography where I was born



Copyright 2017 by E. Denise Billups

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest


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