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Book Review: Immortalis: The Guardian by Leah Lozano

A Fantasy Novel With Paranormal Romance That’s Hot But Dangerous, With Love, Conflict And High Stakes Juxtaposed Between Dueling Mythical Creatures (Immortalis). 

Genre: Fantasy

Published:  September 7, 2015

Kindle Edition: 432 Pages

Goodreads Blurb:

Enter a realm where everything can take human form. Asteroids are Watchers and Stars whisper prophecies to the Ancients. Light and Dark create mythical creatures for their reoccurring war in order to reign each millennium. The Immortalis are born human, raised on Earth, before going through an awakening where their mortal strength becomes their power and their weakness … the only way to destroy them. Power-hungry immortals battle for dominion over their three planets, oblivious to the real war that is about to unfold. The cycle has gone on for ages, but what happens when the insidious Dark tips the balance in his favor?

The Light calls upon the heavens and a legend is born.

“What if it were true? All of it. The stories, the heroics … the villains, they weren’t just fairy tales, or legends, or happily ever afters. They were warnings.”

As she struggles to deal with the loss of the only family she has ever known, twenty-year-old Lina’s strange visions catapult her into the midst of a war on the other end of the universe.

Torn between two men–the unnamed midnight-eyed man, who exists solely in her visions and Archos, her ever-present neighbor who makes her intuition scream danger despite his gentlemanly ways–Lina must save herself from a rebel force who believes she is the dangerous answer to their prophecies, find the truth of her own origins and inner strength, and battle epic forces of evil while facing a terrifying realization … The Dark … HE IS COMING

My Review

What a thrilling ride! First and foremost, I loved the characters, Lina and Archos. Replete with the painful loss of her grandmother, twenty-year-old Lina’s pain is subdued when gorgeous and mysterious Archos, her neighbor, enters her life. There’s a constant push and pull, battles of emotions in their relationship. The author’s ability to capture Lina’s emotions for Archos—annoyance, attraction, distrust, love, and lust— is so palpable it kept me turning the page to see how the burgeoning passion between the two would culminate. And conversely, Archos battle between duty and passion is heart-wrenching making him all the more lovable. Ms. Lozano writes romance tastefully, with burning touches and lingering kisses that makes the reader ask for more. The romance between these two is hot but dangerous, with love, conflict and high stakes juxtaposed between dueling mythical creatures (Immortalis).

As the story unfolds, Lina and Archos true selves illuminate in a thrilling battle between the Immortalis. The author sets the tone between dark and light, evil and good ominously through Lina’s gift of visions. The depiction of the Immortalis’ powers, otherworldly attire, and their magical movements in shadows is so detailed; the reader senses every icy and fiery prick of danger. Lina’s visions kept me guessing who her true protectors and enemies are, even her friends Angie and Gabe, who enter her life as quickly as their friendship develops.

Cleverly, the author builds suspense and mystery by revealing little by little who and what Lina is. When she turns twenty-three, what will she evolve into during her awakening? I can’t wait to see. I’m sitting in the stardust of Lina and Archos wanting them to carry me away on their amazing journey, which I know they will in the second installment to come. I’m hooked! I’m a fan of Immortalis waiting breathlessly for the next journey. Mrs. Lozano, thank you for the wonderful read. I would highly recommend this book to all fans of Fantasy, Romance, or anyone looking for a great read.

Author Bio

Leah Lozaa PicLeah P. Lozano grew up with nearly all male cousins and two brothers, so “House” was never a game she played. With Star Wars being the popular choice, she was given the nickname—you guessed it—Princess Leah, and so too became a geek at heart. First and foremost, however, she is a romantic. Leah has been writing since she was a youngling—for those of you that know about her series, you will appreciate that! Residing in sunny South Texas and having attended the San Antonio Art Institute, she is a wife, an artist, and an author of the epic fantasy series, IMMORTALIS. Leah takes great pleasure in creating stories she can share with her fellow readers. Turn the page and meet her there!

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