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Book Review: Trapping: (A Lyn Kramer Mystery Book 2) by Ann Jones

Ms. Jones Weaves Suspense And Mystery With The Second Installment Of Her Detective, Crime Mystery Trapping.


Genre: Mystery

Published: April 4, 2018

Kindle Edition: 195 Pages

Goodreads Blurb:

A bittersweet reunion…
Separated by feuding families when they were children, Detective Lyn Kramer of the Elm Grove Police Department and her estranged twin sister, high school teacher Melissa Farnsworth, have finally been reunited—but under terrifying circumstances. After freeing her sister from the clutches of Lester Barton, a devious crime boss who also happens to be their sadistic uncle, Lyn vows to keep Melissa and her family safe. However, that goal is thwarted when Barton, working behind the scenes, infiltrates their sleepy town with drug traffickers and threatens to destroy the sisters and everyone they love as an act of revenge.
Can the recently reunified twins lure the ringleader out of hiding and into the cold light of justice? Or will their evil uncle succeed in terrorizing the sisters into submission?

My Review:

Ms. Jones weaves suspense and mystery with the second installment of her detective, crime mystery Trapping. Though I’ve yet to read the first installment, Missing, I was able to follow the storyline easily. Detective Lynn Kramer and her partner Jud Hughes have their work cut out for them when Drug traffickers infiltrate their small town, Elm Grove, led by her uncle, Lester, a Drug Lord bent on reaping vengeance against Lynn and her sister, Melissa. This story comes at a relevant time, with the epidemic of oxycodone addictions in this country. Ms. Jones does an excellent job painting citizens of this small town and especially their comings and goings at a local store, a place suspected of being a pickup station for drugs.

I felt I was spying along with Detective Kramer as she and her partner spied and video locals comings and goings. The author interlaces each character’s history, and affiliations well, coming to a conclusion of their undertaking in the seedy world of abuse and addiction. I held my breath, hoping at the end to see more romance explode between Lyn and Judd. I suspect the attraction between the two is stronger than they let on. I’m hoping the author explores the romance more in her third installment. This book is super suspenseful and held my attention to the very end. I couldn’t put it down. If you love detective mysteries, you’re going to enjoy Ms. Jones novel. I highly recommend Trapping.

Author Bio

Ann Jones

Author Ann Jones lives in Washington with her husband and a devoted, eclectic group of wildlife. Ann loves writing, exploring, traveling and reading. When not doing any of that she is either playing music too loud, driving too fast or eating ice cream, sometimes all at once. Connect with her on and Missing (Lyn Kramer Mystery Book 1) is free at

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