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Since I joined Creativia Publishing last October 2018, they have undergone many positive changes. Along with a name change from Creativia to Next Chapter Publishing, the company has brought aboard some wonderful writers and added numerous advanced promotional tools for their author’s continued success. 

Check out my page and books along with many other authors at NEXT CHAPTER PUBLISHING:



Later this year or early 2020 my books will be available as Audiobooks at Audibles.com.

Kalorama RoadChasing VictoriaBy Chance







Happy writing and reading!!!


9 thoughts on “Next Chapter Publishing”

  1. Not only is this an interesting post your Litmatter connection has just solved a problem I have with ‘socks’. From the pics I can now see how I should design them for my Zoolon music equivalent I’m aboit to add to the business! Thanks ~ George

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  2. I’ve contracted with Next Chapter, but was wondering why would they ask me to merge my KDP account over to them? Were you asked to do the same? Glad you are having success with them. I hope I have the same.


    1. Hi Sue. Welcome aboard!! Yes, it seems to be the procedure at Next Chapter to relinquish your KDP account. I had the same query when I joined. You can always open another account with KDP for books you want to publish on your own. But Next Chapter Publishing will own the account you relinquish. I hope this helps.

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  3. Hi. I just found this post. I’m a Next Chapter author, writing fantasy and historical fiction. I’ve been pleased with their work. I’ve had some of my books translated into French, Spanish and Portugese as well as some as audiobooks. They are out in all formats, ebook, paperback, hardcover, large print etc.
    It can be a bit irritating not to have control of your KDP account, but that is a minor thing. You can still use your Amazon Author account, though. I’ve not had any problems with not being able to access my KDP account.
    They also do quite a bit of promotion, too, although you do need to do your fair share. They’ve got some of my books into the top 100 in their categories.
    I wish you every success, Sue.

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    1. Hi Sue. I’m glad to meet anothe Next Chapter Author. I’ve been with them since 2018 and so far, I have no complaint. Yes, it is frustrating giving away some of your power to a publisher. I miss my KDP account as well. But as you’ve stated, I do maintain a separate KDP account in case I wish to self publish future work. Sue good luck with your writing!

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  4. Hi Denise I am also a Next Chapter author recently republished my YA fantasy with them – which has been quite tricky due to a change in metadata and new title. I have retained my KDP account as I also have my own self publishing imprint Kyrosmagica publishing for my poetry and short stories. It’s a new departure for me and one I’m getting used to. Finding the relinquishing control quite difficult too!

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