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Today is the second day of Bloody Sheets: War Against The Klan’s BOOK BLOG TOUR. Blackthorn Book Tours, thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in Mr. Rausch’s new release.

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When a young black man is lynched in a small Alabama town, his estranged father — a crime world enforcer — sets out for revenge, embarking on a blood-soaked journey that will leave the ravaged bodies of dead Klansmen in his wake.

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White Sheets My Review

four stars

Bloody Sheets: War Against the Klan is my first book by Andy Rausch. I didn’t know what to expect after seeing the cover and reading the synopsis. Yes, there is bloody violence, racially charged dialogue delivered with hardboiled wisecracks. But there is also love and heartbreak that fuel’s a man’s vengeance for his murdered son. This FAST-PACED, DIALOGUE-DRIVEN NOVELLA is reminiscent of Quentin Tarantino’s work, leaving carnage in its wake. Mr. Rausch’s timely and timeless story gripped my attention and held it until I finished in one sitting. 

Bloody Sheets takes place in present-day Gibson, Alabama, a place still stuck in 1950, where KLU Klux Klan members conduct their secret meeting in an old church, and everyone seems complicit. When a young African American mans gets his white girlfriend pregnant, the KKK isn’t particularly happy and decide to teach this young man a deadly lesson, a lesson used often in the antebellum south, one rarely seen in present times. 

But, they’ve messed with the wrong family. When Coke, a crime world enforcer, receives a call from his estranged wife, he knows something’s wrong. With his reluctant friend Eddie, they head to Alabama to reap their vengeance in a customary, bloody, brutal fashion.

Bloody Sheets is dark, angry, yet amidst the racist dialogue, blood wielding stabs, snaps, and rips, is a story of a man’s love for his family and friends. Unfortunately, it takes a death to reconcile their emotions, and for Coke to realize what’s important. This story carries a STRONG MESSAGE toward the end that was heartening to read. For those who like fast-paced, dialogue-driven prose with a wisecracking protagonist with a penchant for violence, I recommend you read Mr. Rausch’s Bloody Sheets: War Against The Klan.

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Andy Rausch is an American film journalist, author, screenwriter, film producer, and actor. He is the author of several novels and novellas including Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin. He also wrote the screenplay for Dahmer versus Gacy and is the author of some twenty non-fiction books on popular culture.

Books: Riding Shotgun, Bloody Sheets, A Time for Violence, Layla’s Score

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Twitter @writerrausch1

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