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Coming Soon: Twilight Ends: Keepers Of The Gate

I’ve finally completed the first book of my new trilogy, Twilight Ends: Keepers Of The Gate, to be released in the coming months by Next Chapter Publishing.


Through an ancient doorway in time, souls never die. A cosmic thread of infinite, predestined love survives.

In 1779 Kanadasaga, Sullivan’s Expedition torched a Seneca village, and many others, destroying the Iroquois Confederacy. Awakened from sleep, amidst their Wolf Clan, Pilan and Teka flee their blazing longhouse into the woodlands. A soldier’s bullet thwarts their escape beneath their favorite maple tree. Gasping on blood, Pilan vows to meet his beloved Teka again in another life.

Two-hundred years later, in present-day Geneva, New York, Iroquoian relics rise. Twilight Ends, a grand Queen Ann Victorian bed-and-breakfast run by the Newhouse family, sits on the property the Iroquois village thrived. A year after Twilight Ends’ long-standing matriarch, Tessa Newhouse dies, a freakish storm snowbound four guests with predestined, interwoven histories. When Skylar, Tessa’s daughter, and the new proprietor of the inn, discovers two artifacts under the maple tree in the backyard, strange events occur around the bed-and-breakfast.

Odd events inside the inn stir Twyla’s childhood memories and questions about her grandmother, Tessa. Her grams endowed her with a cherished heirloom, a golden locket containing a key to an antique steamer trunk. She’s yet to open the chest, sheltering family secrets. Mysteries needing uncovering before a past threat named Harrison Dox returns to haunt the Newhouse family, as his covetous ancestors had. Harrison seeks to profit off mysteries beyond a gated plot on the property. Sacred Iroquois ground where an ancient footbridge crosses a babbling brook adjoining two mystical dogwood trees, existing for centuries. An ancient mystery as old as time.

Finding the courage to open the trunk, Twyla’s astound by diaries and sketches her grams left, alluding to time travel, reincarnation, an ancient doorway to ancestor’s history, and a predestined love that threads through time. Will Twyla follow her grandmother’s path through the portal to rectify past injustices? She might not have a choice. And neither will Harrison Dox if Keepers of the Gate sense his ill-intentions.

See you in a jiffy with new updates on the book’s release!


6 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Twilight Ends: Keepers Of The Gate”

  1. Can’t wait to see this up on Amazon! I’ve wanted to read it ever since you told me about it. Huge congrats and thank you for the sneak peek. You rock!

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