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Time To Write

Yep, I’m in that building stage.

Hi everyone! I realize the periods between writing new posts on my blog have become longer and longer, especially now that I’m writing the third installment of the Simone Doucet Series. I love this space and should make better use of it in 2023. So, I’ll strive to post more often with weekly updates on my writing. Daily would be overly ambitious, given my time constraints.

So far, I’ve written only 20,000 words of the novel and outlined scenes I will indeed stray from later. Setting up the narrative in the first chapters is the hardest part for me. Now that’s completed, I can breathe easier, move the plot along, answer questions posed, and unravel the mystery I’ve devised.

What happened in Ballard House on the eve of March 18, 1919? And what lies in the secret compartment sealed off years ago?

Ballard house is a Queen Anne Victorian in New Orleans Garden District, constructed in 1869 by Cotton Merchants and passed down for generations to Ballard family descendants. Something or someone wants them out of the home. Ghostly whispers carry the secrets of Ballard House.

In the third installment, I brought back two characters from book two, Gisele and Jensen. Their lives will intersect in surprising ways. Simone, my main character, house-sitting for Gisele for two months, is eager to unearth another ancestral mystery, the bloody and haunting history of Ballard House.

So follow along in 2023 as I craft a crime that took place on the demonic eve on March 18, 1919. Hmm, wasn’t that the night the infamous New Orleans Axman promised to spare citizens whose homes resonated with his favorite jazz music when he passed through town? I believe so. Below is the teaser for the upcoming book.

Echoes Of Ballard House Teaser

Until next time! Happy reading and writing!


5 thoughts on “Time To Write”

  1. Hi Denise, it can be quite a challenge to blog regularly without falling behind in ‘real’ life! I basically didn’t post anything for two years for that very reason 😅

    That said, it’s good to her from you! Good luck on your novel!

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