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Time To Write

Yep, I'm in that building stage. Hi everyone! I realize the periods between writing new posts on my blog have become longer and longer, especially now that I'm writing the third installment of the Simone Doucet Series. I love this space and should make better use of it in 2023. So, I'll strive to post… Continue reading Time To Write


First Person Vs. Second Or Third Person POV

Have you ever chosen a point of view for your novel, novella, or short story and later realize you've chosen the wrong perspective?  Well, a few days ago, that was me. I recognized early enough the story would be more effective in the third person omniscient POV rather than the first-person narrative. Thus, I spent hours backtracking and editing… Continue reading First Person Vs. Second Or Third Person POV

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8 Mundane Elements You Should Cut From Your Story — Jane Friedman

Today’s guest post is excerpted from How to Write a Page Turner (Writer’s Digest Books) by Jordan Rosenfeld (@JordanRosenfeld). If we wrote novels that were hyper-accurate to the “real lives” of our characters—even those that populate fantasy and science fiction novels—they would be thousands of pages long and span a series too big to fit… via… Continue reading 8 Mundane Elements You Should Cut From Your Story — Jane Friedman

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Where Past and Present Meets

What have I been up to? Well, I've been working on another novel. My work in progress is a Paranormal Historical Fiction set in my favorite part of the country, Geneva New York. I'd spent my college years in this region which brims with history and natural beauty. Geneva sits at the northern tip of… Continue reading Where Past and Present Meets

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Authentic Book Reviews

At times, I’m hesitant to write a bad review, wondering if my judgment is flawed, especially if it's not my preferred genre. Surely someone else has a better opinion. But being genuine is better than false praise. As a writer, I’ve learned one of the greatest efforts an author can make is supporting fellow writers.… Continue reading Authentic Book Reviews

Daily Prompt

Coincidence or Mastery?

Have you ever seen an actor or a dancer get up on stage and perform without hours and hours of rehearsals? Has a painter ever created a masterpiece without mastering technical skills? Like any artist, a writer needs to practice, practice, and practice. I don’t believe in coincidence when it comes to writing success. Like… Continue reading Coincidence or Mastery?