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Finally Autumn!

Listen . . . With faint dry sound, like steps of passing ghosts, the leaves, frost-crisp’d, break from trees and fall.

“November Night” by Adelaide Crapsey


I’d like to thank my followers for the support you’ve given my little blog. Life has been busy lately, and I’m finding it difficult to post as often as I’d like.  My goal is to post at least once a week here, but you can also find my articles at Conscious Talk Magazine. My first article went live on September 15, 2017. Please feel free to visit and read mine as well my fellow columnist’s articles.


Butternut Squash SoupAutumn Harvest: Autumn is the perfect time for soups, and no better time than now to use seasonal winter squash. If you’re a lover of  Butternut Squash and looking for a hearty autumn soup, please check out:

Millennial's Impact on Health and WellnessMillennials Impact on Health and Wellness: This tech-savvy generation with a desire to be free, healthy, and happy has bucked tradition by deferring marriage and children. They have discarded inflexible, unfulfilling careers for a more purposeful life. Millenials, saddled with massive student loan debt and falling wages are driving an entrepreneurial path of self-fulfillment and happiness. Striving for a purposeful life of health and wellness, are millennials happier than the previous generation?

Also check out fellow columnist Jina Salameh:

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