Nature Pleading

You howled along the coast like an angry host accosting a frightened town with a category four more  critical than ever before catastrophic floods rose appose street rows and continued to rise devastating priceless lives transposing rivers on dry ground drenching opposed citizens fleeing treasured abodes lives shattered and unrecoverable but memorized as they fled…


  Tethered to desk and steel quill, toes rapping, fingers tapping an ever so slight facial mapping explodes epiphany quelling deep deliberation, impelling ink on paper  a discordance of metal savages tranquility eliciting colorful ephemeral memories of bangles  jangling on a breeze, swatting bees plucking leaves, climbing trees carefree days with not a worry running,…

Gossamer Hands

  I’m a passenger on a predestined journey Guided by hands I cannot see When I stumble she pulls positioning me forward When I fall she lifts with inspiring energy When I fumble and flop she swerves not deterred In a range of angles, I cannot see No constraints can defeat my invisible Marionette Who…

Rivalry of Heart and Mind

Foolhardily romantic  Prone to vagaries of the heart She wages a constant battle of antitheses A rivalry of heart and mind Seldom, her intellect’s won Til sorrowly inflicted by lies and betrayal Her mind and heart hardened symmetrically Fool-hearted no longer She tenders affections wisely   Click To View Video Artwork: Courtesy of Thomas C….


A jack of all trades, master of many Her wingspan a brilliant virtuoso of talent On fore and hind wings frenulum and jugum The sum of her complexity working in unison Uncoupled no portion may thrive alone Together beating multifaceted Her brilliance shines on   Click To View Video Photo: Courtesy of  Elaine Reiner

Thoughts Adrift

A frenzy of words descend Inexhaustibly streaming Torrents, rivulets, dripples, a drop A trickling faucet tapped wordless Setting my mind adrift to places other than this Unmoored, untethered from tidings Waves lapping at memories Drifting on watercolor dreams A yachter catapulted To distant shores of amour A sigh, a breath, a fluttering sail Blue waters…

Happy Mother’s Day

Your womb Sheltered and nourished me To infancy Your love and selflessness fostered A happy girl Your wisdom inspired A confident woman Today I honor your sacrifice With flowers, gracious words And loving hospitality Into my home A life possible Mom Because of your love Happy Mother’s Day! Photo: Pinterest

A Vulnerable Writer

  Imagination bled for the world to see Signed with anonymity Pennames, pseudonyms, non de plumes Concocted concealments Of true identity Shielding character with timorous walls From countless public scrutiny An explicit avowal of anonymity Breached implicit bonds Secrecy cannot join Facelessness Unexposed black and white Allusions of diffidence Cowardice Never a reader’s respect will…


Desire reigned With strict command Never astray of principles Restless and longing Her heart sang for Profound physical and spiritual indulgences Resistance Ripped, whittled, and wrestled Control unraveled  Divine pleasure


Daily Prompt – Storm Purple skies foretold the storm to come Warnings I could not see through clouds A booming voice unleashed torrents Upon my unsuspecting mind High-pressured, thunderous words Rose with a wave of emotion Trembling my calm, low-tide I cower and hide Drenched from its effect Raging heart crashing against my chest Waiting…