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Drop the Bomb Anyone

I promised I wouldn’t listen to Comey’s investigative hearing today, but I find myself leaving the distant, imaginary world of my novel, for an alternative universe of men nattily dressed in suits and ties, abiding by uniform investigative rules. Though Comey is polished for his audience, his countenance is less than crisp. Telltale signs of wearisome days preparing… Continue reading Drop the Bomb Anyone

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Oh, So Brassy

An excerpt from Kalorama Road - A Suspense Novel Coming Soon So Patrice was raised by scholars. And I deliberate parenting skills applied to affect the brazen woman I’d met. Were the Jensen’s artsy, liberal types, allowing Patrice many freedoms or strict authoritarian scholars, with rigid control of their daughter’s life? Either style could conceivably… Continue reading Oh, So Brassy

Daily Prompt

Thoughts Adrift

A frenzy of words descend Inexhaustibly streaming Torrents, rivulets, dripples, a drop A trickling faucet tapped wordless Setting my mind adrift to places other than this Unmoored, untethered from tidings Waves lapping at memories Drifting on watercolor dreams A yachter catapulted To distant shores of amour A sigh, a breath, a fluttering sail Blue waters… Continue reading Thoughts Adrift

Daily Prompt

A Vulnerable Writer

  Imagination bled for the world to see Signed with anonymity Pennames, pseudonyms, non de plumes Concocted concealments Of true identity Shielding character with timorous walls From countless public scrutiny An explicit avowal of anonymity Breached implicit bonds Secrecy cannot join Facelessness Unexposed black and white Allusions of diffidence Cowardice Never a reader's respect will… Continue reading A Vulnerable Writer

Daily Prompt

Song of Defiance

Defiance reared its might Opposing misogynistic Narcissistic Childish tantrums A malignancy uprooting civil liberties Dividing communities Families Friends Forging factions of divergent citizens Defeated . . . defeat We panicked Joining forces A multitude of cultures Concerned voices Singed defiance Of new rule and executive orders It’s been a rough 100 days Mr. President Now… Continue reading Song of Defiance