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B Mindful of The 12

Okay, so you made the leap, jumped the carnivore ship for the herbivore sail.  You’ve said goodbye to all animal products (meats, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, honey, etc.). Congratulations! You’ve made a healthy lifestyle choice that will leave you feeling energetic and youthful.  That is if you’re truly getting enough protein, minerals, and vitamin,… Continue reading B Mindful of The 12


Crazy About Nuts

If I could coin a phrase for my nut addiction, it would probably sound something like nutomania, or using a more scientific term, Prunus-dulcismania, Carya-illinoinensismania. Okay, that’s a little lame.  But I truly love nuts, crave them, and have concocted various recipes to make nuts a consistent part of my diet. Sometimes I ponder why… Continue reading Crazy About Nuts

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Red is such a powerful color. It’s no surprise the rubescent beetroot (beet) has potent benefits for the life force that course through our body red. Native to the Mediterranean and known as Beta vulgaris, beets have been used medicinally for centuries and became a desired culinary item by chefs in 1800 France. The potent… Continue reading SEEING RED

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Two Spectacular Superfoods

There are a great number of superfoods, power foods, whole foods, whichever name you choose to use. These foods are named because of their nutrient-density and healing properties and should be a part of your daily diet. Today, I’ve chosen two of my favorite superfoods and smoothie recipes containing blueberries and kale. Blueberries: An Antioxidant… Continue reading Two Spectacular Superfoods