A surge of anger saddens my heart with the senseless murder of yet another female jogger here in New York City. Out on her daily run, doing something she loved stopped by an unforeseen assailant, stealing her life in an instant. I had to write this post. Perhaps a reiteration, reiteration, reiteration of the message:… Continue reading DANGER IN FAMILIAR PLACES


Wounded Soles

Photo: Courtesy of After 500 miles of running through rain, snow, rocky trails, and sandy beaches the time has come to say farewell to your old running partner for a newer one. They’re looking rather worn. That smooth cushioning sole is shot, no longer offering you protection against injuries. Sadly enough, it’s hard to… Continue reading Wounded Soles


Morning Cup O’Joe

Photo: Courtesy of Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine . . . I can’t do without my morning cup of coffee before I head out for a run. It not only makes me more alert but also improves my running performance. Why wouldn’t it? Caffeine is a psychoactive substance, which stimulates the nervous system splendidly. Coffee has… Continue reading Morning Cup O’Joe

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Rocking Core

  Core Strength How’s your core? Have you been neglecting the most important part of your musculature?  Abdominal muscles are the center region of your body for a reason.  They are the alpha of all movement and support your frame during running and many workouts. Abdominal muscles are known as the powerhouse because it controls… Continue reading Rocking Core

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Red is such a powerful color. It’s no surprise the rubescent beetroot (beet) has potent benefits for the life force that course through our body red. Native to the Mediterranean and known as Beta vulgaris, beets have been used medicinally for centuries and became a desired culinary item by chefs in 1800 France. The potent… Continue reading SEEING RED