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No Pain, No Gain: Unstoppable

We’ve all heard the expression "No Pain, No Gain;" a mantra used to push the body beyond pain. It’s a maxim I used when training for marathons, but not anymore. I’ve learned my lesson. Runners and athletes who think they’re invincible, unstoppable, ignore their body’s signals, believing they can run through the pain, until one… Continue reading No Pain, No Gain: Unstoppable

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Every Exhausting Mile

Photo: Courtesy of www.awesomestories.com   A collective buzzing of like-minded souls Thoroughbreds on a mission began centuries ago From the battlefields of Marathon to Athens, Greece An Athenian ritual Played out in the streets The thrill of flight Unison of a thousand feet Strangers sharing tribulations Cheered on by crowds proclaiming support To modern day Pheidippides Testing body,… Continue reading Every Exhausting Mile

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Rocking Core

  Core Strength How’s your core? Have you been neglecting the most important part of your musculature?  Abdominal muscles are the center region of your body for a reason.  They are the alpha of all movement and support your frame during running and many workouts. Abdominal muscles are known as the powerhouse because it controls… Continue reading Rocking Core

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Red is such a powerful color. It’s no surprise the rubescent beetroot (beet) has potent benefits for the life force that course through our body red. Native to the Mediterranean and known as Beta vulgaris, beets have been used medicinally for centuries and became a desired culinary item by chefs in 1800 France. The potent… Continue reading SEEING RED